Planting a Plant


Our Evolution became Solutions

Elder Care Solutions evolved from an original concept of individual advisory practices into a combination of individual talents and expertise with broader geographical reach, deeper factual analyses, and increasingly efficient delivery of professional services.

The Decisions are in your hands.

Realizing that you or someone you love is going to need active caregiving, perhaps for a long time, rattles all previous assumptions about how the rest of life is going to be lived.


We can help you maximize whatever resources are available to you. 

The challenges we meet to solve:


No one else was doing what we intended to do, although many claimed to be.


Providing our client families with a way to control their costs while getting what they need (despite obvious differences between specific situations).


Devising a way to serve families who resided, respectively, in several states.


Establishing an effective work model for our services that would include a new and working Multi-Disciplinary Model that could encompass the many professional disciplines that would be required.

Accordingly, much of our earlier time and energies were invested in dealing with these issues.

Growing Nationally

From our original idea of individual advisory practices in separate states, each with its own vetted roster of professionals, we began to think in terms of a national network of advisors and additional professional strength for the core management group.


With these changes, Elder Care Solutions became ideally positioned to provide the range and quality of services so badly needed by families with loved ones facing long term care and its costs. There are now no locations in the United States that are beyond the reach of our core service, Care Cost Analysis.

Employee Benefit

We are now exploring a role for Care Cost Analysis as an employee benefit for companies committed to enhancing their ability to attract and retain the best employees.



They will appreciate this clear demonstration of empathy for their caregiving stresses and its effect on job

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Long Term Care

At Elder Care Solutions, we pride ourselves in bridging the gaps relating to long term care decisions by providing consultation, coordination, and commitment during this process.

Please feel free to reach out for any questions or concerns. We are here for you and your family.

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