Planting a Plant


Our Evolution became Solutions

Elder Care Solutions evolved from an original concept of individual advisory practices into a combination of individual talents and expertise with broader geographical reach, deeper factual analyses, and increasingly efficient delivery of professional services.



Kimberly A. Whiter, M.S. Ed., MLS(ASCP), CEO

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I bring my own caregiving story to my role as CEO for Elder Care Solutions. Through this lens, I am able to not only understand the challenges our clients face, but I can strategically place our work within the markets so we can help more families. My personal expertise is in interprofessional and interdisciplinary work, therefore I am able to oversee how our work fits into the work of others as well as how our rich national network of professionals work together best for our clients. I aim to make Elder Care Solutions the go-to solution for families facing the challenges of long-term care. 

Senior Living Advisor


Jeff Bird, M.S., CASP, Senior Living Advisor

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I began my professional career in senior living in 2003 with roles including executive director, geriatric care consultant and comptroller. I have proven experience in Senior Living & Care Operations, which informs my role as Senior Living Advisor for Elder Care Solutions. I aim to help families find the best senior living arrangement for their aging loved one no matter the locality of the family or where your loved one is within their care continuum. 

Advisory Board


Bonnie Chavez

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Bonnie has expertise in providing community-centered business solutions for small business owners and nonprofits of all sizes. She has previous career experience in directing contracts within the Medicare Advantage programs, which she brings to her advisory role. She also specializes in working with women of color and strategic consideration of philanthropic opportunities that can lead to great impact for our communities.  


Fred K. Bailey, JD

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Fred practiced law for 37 years, the last 4 of which were spent primarily in Medicaid eligibility planning.

It was through that work that he realized how many families were in need of this special financial help.


Fred was in the first group to be certified by the Louisiana Bar Association in Estate Planning and 
Administration, and is currently an Accredited Attorney by the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs. 


Ken Keller

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Ken, an LSU graduate, comes from a wide background of both professional insurance and extensive church staff and administrative work, instilling him with much depth in finance, risk management, and care costs. 


He has developed a real talent for finding solutions to help seniors and their families. 


His wide experience in working with people has honed a natural empathy for families dealing with the chaos and bewilderment that so often accompanies this phase of life.

Realizing that you or someone you love is going to need active caregiving, perhaps for a long time, rattles all previous assumptions about how the rest of life is going to be lived.


We can help you maximize whatever resources are available to you. 

The challenges we meet to solve:


No one else was doing what we intended to do, although many claimed to be.


Providing our client families with a way to control their costs while getting what they need (despite obvious differences between specific situations).


Devising a way to serve families who resided, respectively, in several states.


Establishing an effective work model for our services that would include a new and working Multi-Disciplinary Model that could encompass the many professional disciplines that would be required.