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Want to understand how services can assist your family? Read further to learn more about the company's process in long term care decision-making.

Sample Case.

Bob Sample, a wartime veteran, and his wife, Poly, both 75-years-old, live in their Chesterfield residence. Bob professional long-term care yet both he and Poly are determined to age-in-place at home. While Poly is doing well, she feels unprepared to handle helping Bob and has expressed this to their son Parker. 

Parker has been trying to manage his father’s care from over 100 miles away, as he works full-time. Parker wants to honor his parents’ wishes to stay home. Thus far Parker has been sent in multiple directions each time he makes contact with someone he thinks can help. Parker feels overwhelmed and his level of productivity at work has already been impacted.   

When Parker contacts Elder Care Solutions he fills out a simple online form and our Care Cost Analysis is underway. When his personalized analysis is in hand, Parker now has all the viable options for tackling the financial challenges associated with his father's needs. Even more, he has the full support of the Elder Care Solutions team as he makes decisions with his family, so he feels confident and empowered in making meaningful choices.


Now his family is in the best situation possible. With professional support, Parker is no longer wasting time and energy or making decisions unprepared. 


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    How can we help this family?

  • We can help the family establish a Family Care Agreement in writing to promote harmony.

  • We can help the family put key legal and financial documents in place.

  • We can give the family access to cash, income-tax-free, from home equity (several strategies).

  • We can help the family get ready for future Medicaid eligibility.

  • We can help the family reduce healthcare and insurance costs.

  • We can help Improve life circumstances for all and better financial management going forward.

  • We can give the family access to tax-free income, from VA pension benefit.

  • We can help the family pay for all funerals/burial costs before spending all on long-term care costs.

Investment Chart

The process.

Step 1:


Elder Care Solutions connects with each family and learns more about their unique situation. 


Step 2:

A family representative fills out at 10-15 minute, online form providing information about the families insurance plans, veterans status, and appropriate assets.   

Step 3:

Elder Care Solutions conducts a personalized and comprehensive Care Cost Analysis. 


Step 4: 

We deliver, in writing, the results of the Care Cost Analysis which includes all viable options and suggestions for paying for your unique long-term care situation. 

Step 5: 

We provide consultation on your Care Cost Analysis so you are empowered with confidence in understanding each option and suggestion. You have full authority to decide which options and suggestions to mobilize, and when. You maintain our full support for whichever decisions you make and whenever you make them. 

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The Family's Next Step.

It is entirely your family’s decision as to which, if any, strategies are selected.


Our support will continue until all desired implementation is complete. 

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Long Term Care

At Elder Care Solutions, we pride ourselves in bridging the gaps relating to long term care decisions by providing consultation, coordination, and commitment during this process.

Please feel free to reach out for any questions or concerns. We are here for you and your family.

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