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Gen Xers and Their Juggling Act

Those within Generation X are carrying the heaviest burden when it comes to caregiving right now. The majority of Gen Xers are caring both for growing children and an aging loved one, while also balancing a career. Since Gen Xers are also making up the bulk of the workforce right now, this is a serious issue for employers.

If employers aren't supporting the challenges of this juggling act, many Gen Xers, especially women, could be headed out their doors. Seventy-three percent of U.S. workers carry a caregiving role, thirty percent of which have already left a job because of the difficulty of juggling a career and caregiving responsibilities.

Caregiving requires substantial time (upwards of about 27 hours a week on average), emotional effort, and money (on average $7k per year out of pocket). Not to mention the juggling act takes a serious toll on friendships, relationships, self-care, and the ability to rest. Add in a career and raising children and Gen Xers are likely to drop all the balls they have up in the air.

We can change this narrative. Ninety percent of employers offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) already. This key resource-based benefit is a natural fit for meeting caregiver needs. Ensuring your EAP provides resources to help employees get much-needed elder care services is a great start in recognizing the delicate balance many employees are facing. If companies want to retain their top talent and high performers, then dedicating attention to caregiving needs is a must.

Get to know your caregiving employees by creating a safe place for them to identify their juggling act. The majority of caregivers do not expose their caregiving role to employers for fear of negative consequences to their career. By making known the supports you are implementing, you can demonstrate understanding of their life stage and the challenges that come with it.

This initial step is a great start to building a trusting foundation with your caregiving employees. At Elder Care Solutions, we purposefully place authority, confidence, and power at caregiver's feet. We aim to help caregivers specifically by reducing the amount of time and money they are dedicating to their caregiving role. In such, caregivers experience a reduction of emotional stress, giving them back the ability to better manage their careers, other responsibilities, and re-balance their lives.

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