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Press Release: Elder Care Solutions is working to make long-term care decisions easier

(Roanoke, Va.) Three Louisianans – present and past – including the Chief Executive Officer and a co-founder based in Roanoke, Virginia,  have launched a nascent company with large-scale potential, featuring a multifaceted go-to-market plan. Elder Care Solutions  uses the tag line Care Cost Analysis, and the focus says CEO Kimberly Whiter is on those facing their own long-term care (LTC) issues and those in what is known as the “Sandwich Generation” – individuals from 35-55 who juggle caregiving for children and for aging parents, and often a career.

The current Elder Care Solutions  model includes a one-time fee for the Care Cost Analysis service, which provides a detailed look at a client’s long-term care situation and then presents viable options to help pay for LTC. It also promises the support of the  Elder Care Solutions team  for further guidance.  Whiter says in many cases families can make up that fee within the first month through the costs savings uncovered.

New for Elder Care Solutions: huddling with employee benefits managers - for a few dollars a month Whiter says companies can offer their Care Cost Analysis  as a benefit - becoming more tuned in to needs of the current workforce, the majority of which are in the Sandwich Generation she says. Whiter is exploring alternative models for growth, like partnerships with financial planners, where both parties benefit from the “deep dive” promised by her company.

Whiter cites her “strong background in inter-professionalism and inter-disciplinary work. That’s a large [factor] in elder care services, because there are a lot of different disciplines that play a role.” That includes financial planning, legal issues specific to the elderly, health care services – and how they all work together. Bringing mortgage (and reverse) mortgage brokers, community resources and veteran’s affairs specialists into the mix as needed is also part of the client plan.

 Most people planning for a family member’s long-term care needs are “on their own,” says Whiter, “figuring out how to navigate that situation.” That’s where Elder Care Solutions plans to demonstrate that their expertise – available at any point needed – is worth the money spent.

The newly updated eldercaresolutionsinc.com website enables clients to access Insights that provide some of the "outside of the box" options to finding funds for long-term care needs. The goal is to bring together ideas from experts working from “their own professional silo.” Whiter says a nationwide advisory panel is a strong staple of the Elder Care Solutions method.

“What we’re bringing to families with Elder Care Solutions are holistic approaches ,” says Kim Whiter, “together with all of the professionals that have a say [and a stake] in long term care.” For the most part the services are out there, “but when people are left to their own devices … they are going to miss things.”

For more information, graphics/photo files or to arrange an interview with CEO Kimberly Whiter, see eldercaresolutionsinc.com or email her kimberly@eldercaresolutionsinc.com

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