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Elder Care Solutions, through a unique process we call Care Cost Analysis*, coupled with our own multi-disciplinary practice model of key national advisors, effectively provides a clear pathway for our client families to face the costs of long-term care.

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Our Process.

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Our Care Cost Analysis starts with a FREE Consultation (30 minutes) to learn more about your situation. You then provide essential information surrounding yourself or aging loved one so we may perform your personal Care Cost Analysis. After your analysis is generated, providing you with all your viable options and suggestions for facing long-term care costs, we provide a Care Cost Analysis Review for you and your family, making each option clear. Thereafter, you and your family have complete control over which options to mobilize, and in doing so, are armed with our full support for navigating the professionals and situations needed to move in the direction you choose. 


Care Cost Analysis.

*Care Cost Analysis is a deep examination of the facts associated with your long-term care needs and desires, followed by an expert analysis yielding all potential strategies for improving your financial ability to pay these special costs.



Our commitment to you:

  • Full support in making crystal clear each option and how they might interact, so you can make meaningful choices.

  • Your full control of the entire decision-making process on the financial front in both direction and pace, so you have peace of mind. We never press you for information, decisions, or time. 

  • We will mobilize and coordinate expert professionals to implement any option you select, at any time. We will support your decisions as you navigate your options. This ensures multiple strategies can be implemented in the right sequence to get the desired results. 


No matter a family's wealth, connections, or collective experiences, it is nearly impossible to understand all the options available and how they might interact to impact your ability to pay for long term care. 


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Long Term Care

At Elder Care Solutions, we pride ourselves in bridging the gaps relating to long term care decisions by providing consultation, coordination, and commitment during this process.

Please feel free to reach out for any questions or concerns. We are here for you and your family.

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