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We have a unique process we call  Care Cost Analysis* that helps our client families learn, understand, and make decisions regarding how they pay for long-term care needs. 

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Our Services

I recognize that everyone appreciates a different approach. Therefore, our services include both a more independent version as well as a more supported service. If you choose to first engage with only our online Care Cost Analysis, but later decide you'd like more support, you can always add on additional consultative services. 

Care Cost Analysis.

*Care Cost Analysis is a deep examination of the facts associated with your long-term care situation. We personalize your analysis by providing expert review so to yield all YOUR potential options for improving your financial ability to pay long-term care costs.

*Care Cost Analysis is an easy online process. Buy clicking the button below you can purchase your analysis, including expert review. You will receive an email with directions for completing a quick 10-min form, after which we will perform your analysis and deliver to you, in writing, all your viable options for paying for long-term care needs. 

$500.00 USD


Care Cost Analysis with Consultation.

Care Cost Analysis with Consultation includes consultative services before and after your full expert analysis. We will connect with you before you complete the online analysis process to learn more about your situation. You then complete the online *Care Cost Analysis process (10 mins) providing essential information surrounding your long-term care situation. After your analysis is generated, providing you with all your viable options for paying long-term care costs, we provide a deep Care Cost Analysis Review for you and your family, making each option clear. Thereafter, you and your family are armed with our full support for navigating the professionals and situations needed to move in the direction you choose. 

$2500.00 USD



Our commitment to you:

Your full control of the entire decision-making process in both direction and pace, so you have peace of mind. We never press you for information, decisions, or time.

In nearly 100% of cases, we open up $20 for spending on long-term care for every $1 spent with us.


No matter a family's wealth, connections, or collective experiences, it is nearly impossible to understand all the options available and how they might interact to impact your ability to pay for long term care. 


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Long Term Care

At Elder Care Solutions, we pride ourselves in bridging the gaps relating to long term care decisions by providing consultation, coordination, and commitment during this process.

Please feel free to reach out for any questions or concerns. We are here for you and your family.

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