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Wondering how to pay for long-term care?

We conduct our Care Cost Analysis, which delivers all your options for dealing with long-term care expenses and establishing key documents. Additionally, you have our full support to help implement any option from your analysis you decide to mobilize.


We are with you every step of the way.

We coordinate with professionals, including a curated national network of professional advisors, to help you get the desired results. No more guessing as to where to turn for help. We provide the high-level overview to empower your decision-making. 


You have our promise.

Elder Care Solutions was founded to help individuals and families face the challenges of long-term care costs, whatever long-term care looks like for you. We will never pressure your decisions or the timing with which you make them. You are in control at all times.  

Navigating long-term care costs? Ready to get on the right path?

Elder Care Solutions supports caregivers, and those facing their own long-term care, by helping them face the financial challenges that come with long-term care needs. We focus on the bird's-eye view of long-term care situations so clients can move forward and unlock those needed extra funds to pay for care. Our clients can expect a greater sense of control, confidence, and peace of mind after working with us.


We recognize that caregivers today are juggling so much. We also recognize that common routes for paying for long-term care such as Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran's benefits, and even Long-term Care Insurance won't cover all the care your loved one requires.

This is why our service is so needed. 



“We can't thank you enough. We were lost as a goose about what to do with the house and how that might affect Medicaid and our veteran pension.” 

—  Nan


Walk in the Park

Get Started 

Have questions? Use the chatbox below or click the button below to get in touch with our team.

Ready to find out how you can access funds now? Access our online Care Cost Analysis. 


We want to bring our Care Cost Analysis to as many caregivers as we can.

See our feature in the September 2020 Valley Business Front on page 58. 


What services, exactly, do you offer?

A thorough analysis of resources available to you, specifically, to help pay for Long Term Care, PLUS, in writing, all of your personalized options, along with some suggestions, AND, our full support in implementing any that you choose.

Suppose some options conflict with others?

We identify them and help you navigate those points.

Who do you work for?

Individual families with older loved ones needing long term care.

Why do I need your services?

Because what you need is independent expertise to identify all the resources and help you access them.

Can't I just google resources on my own and contact the providers?

Yes, but you'll find that each provider is also a seller of his own services, products, or strategies. What you're really seeking is a list of every viable option, the ability to select the ones you want to pursue, and then sufficient help to actually implement the ones you chose.

Why haven't I heard of anyone else doing this?

To our knowledge there are no others.

How do you interact with your clients?

Mainly by email and scheduled phone calls.

What is the scope of your services?


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Long Term Care

At Elder Care Solutions, we pride ourselves in bridging the gaps relating to long term care decisions by providing consultation, coordination, and commitment during this process.

Please feel free to reach out for any questions or concerns. We are here for you and your family.

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