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Are you navigating long-term care costs?

Are you trying to figure out the living arrangement best for your aging loved one?

Ready for some real direction?

Elder Care Solutions helps families face the challenges of long-term care. We empower families by providing a bird's-eye view of all your options for facing your unique long-term care situation.

We recognize you are juggling so much. You're spending hours finding resources, making appointments, communicating with professionals, providing care to your aging loved one, and perhaps even building your career and raising children.


Unfortunately, this adds up to an average of 20 hours a week on care tasks! Not to mention families are spending on average $850 a month in out-of-pocket funds.

We believe there is a better way!


Our services were developed to help you with two key long-term care challenges: finding money to pay for care and finding the best living arrangement for wherever your loved one is in their care continuum.

Let us give you peace of mind by showing you all your options.


No more hunting through resources. 

No more guessing if you are seeing the whole picture. 

Save countless hours and gain peace of mind with a list (in writing!), expertly reviewed, of REAL options for moving forward!  



We've been where you are!

Every member of the Elder Care Solutions team has a personal caregiving story. 

We know what it is like to worry about how a loved one will receive the care they need while also juggling all the back-end responsibilities of coordinating appointments, talking to professionals, attempting to find access to money and other resources, and making new decisions when care needs change. 

We're experts!

The Elder Care Solutions team is a unique blend of professionals that bring expertise to the services and consultations we provide. 

For too long families have not known where to turn for help with long-term care challenges. We had a new idea, build the team that had the answers! Our team can give you answers that provide real direction for moving forward. Plus, we are strongly networked across the nation to the right types of professionals that families need when dealing with long-term care issues. We have you covered!  

We're making an impact!

We aim to help families not just through our services, but through education and how we work.  

Did you know that by 2030, people over the age of 65 will outnumber those under 18 years old for the first time ever!? This means aging, long-term care, and family caregiving are societal issues and we want to be part of the conversation. Our team contributes to this issue through writing for national platforms like Caregiving.com and volunteering our time to non-profit organizations like daughterhood.org. We also deliver free education through our INSIGHTS that help guide families through long-term care challenges.  

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“We can't thank you enough. We were lost as a goose about what to do with the house and how that might affect Medicaid and our veteran pension.” 

—  Nan


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Get Started 

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Have questions? Use the chatbox below or click the button below to get in touch with our team.

Ready to find out how we can help you? Take a look at Our Solutions. 


What services, exactly, do you offer?

A thorough analysis of resources available to you, specifically, to help pay for Long Term Care, PLUS, in writing, all of your personalized options, along with some suggestions, AND, our full support in implementing any that you choose.

Suppose some options conflict with others?

We identify them and help you navigate those points.

Who do you work for?

Individual families with older loved ones needing long term care.

Why do I need your services?

Because what you need is independent expertise to identify all the resources and help you access them.

Can't I just google resources on my own and contact the providers?

Yes, but you'll find that each provider is also a seller of his own services, products, or strategies. What you're really seeking is a list of every viable option, the ability to select the ones you want to pursue, and then sufficient help to actually implement the ones you chose.

Why haven't I heard of anyone else doing this?

To our knowledge there are no others.

How do you interact with your clients?

Mainly by email and scheduled phone calls.

What is the scope of your services?