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Can't afford long-term care?
You might be surprised. 

We ensure aging and caring experiences are financially positive.

We have the knowledge, creativity, and thoughtfulness to

save you time and money when it comes to long-term care.

piggy bank with glasses financies
piggy bank financies
Hacks for Long-term Care book cover

We've Got Hack$.

We've created an easy-to-understand, short text to help guide you as you plan for long-term care costs. 


Hacks for Long-Term Care uncovers the realities surrounding the current options families have for paying for elder care, as well as why long-term care is so overwhelmingly expensive. You will learn the landscape of governmental, private, and professional supports available for covering long-term care costs and how to navigate each for the greatest benefit. 

We save families time, money, and help them plan smartly for aging and caring.



Why work with us.

The majority of American families can't afford even 2 years of long-term elder care!

We're on a mission to ensure that aging and caring for an aging loved one won't financially break families!


We want to change that. 

How We Got Here
Elder Care Solutions Developmental Timeline

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