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For groups

However you define groups, we support them. We provide creative, inclusive, and thoughtful benefits to your group members by helping them tackle the financial challenges of aging and caring. 

So whether your group is made up of members, employees, leaders, or any other configuration, we're here to help.

Individuals are struggling to balance their care roles with everything else they have going on in their lives. 

overwhelmed piggy bank


trying to manage their care responsibilities with their other life roles.

worried piggy bank


that everything will come crashing down if they don't get the support they need.


broken piggy bank

with finances due to the overwhelming costs that come with getting the right care for their loved ones.

How we help.


emotional and financial well-being.


equity and inclusion.

diminish feelings of overwhelm and stress by empowering individuals with tools and resources that help with the challenges of care costs.

care impacts everyone, but not everyone equally. We can help all generations, races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic status individuals.

We can work together to create a
care-friendly environment for your group.


We're a direct member benefit.

offered to ALL your members for one very low cost.

We consult.

you're likely already doing great things for your members. We can help you leverage current offerings more strategically for members with care roles. 

We educate.

we educate your leaders and members about the realities of juggling care and life roles through presentations, newsletter, articles, and more!


Positively impact economic security.


The social conditions surrounding a family (like how readily they can access adequate in-home care and support) plays a greater role in someone's health than the medical care they receive.


our aging populations are at great risk for lacking the social supports they need to maintain good health. This is why so many family members and friends step in to help them.


there's a strong connection between a family's income, their cost of living, the cost of care they need , and their socioeconomic status to their health.

(U.S. Department of HHS, Healthy People 2030)

Elder Care Solutions increases a family's ability to pay for care by helping them navigate their options for lowering out-of-pocket spending. 

We aim to reduce the financial barrier to optimal health for those aging, and those caring for aging loved ones.


Get the

Elder Care Solutions Subscription

for your members today!

$1 per member per month!

  • access to our online, educational platform to learn all their financial options for paying long-term care costs

  • a one-on-one consultation

  • weekly financial tips

  • monthly financial education

  • discounts on all our services and products

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