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Hacks for Long-term Care -Section I

Hacks for Long-term Care -Section I


Aging, and caring for an aging loved one, shouldn't financially break families. Hacks for Long-Term Care uncovers the realities surrounding the current options families have for paying for elder care, as well as why long-term care is so overwhelmingly expensive. Readers will learn the landscape of governmental, private, and professional supports available for covering long-term care costs and how to navigate each for the greatest benefit. Whiter explains how families can protect their assets and energy when exploring their options and how to leverage professional experts so a family is empowered.

Whiter’s work helping families connect the dots among professionals, resources, tools, and organizations that hold financial answers combined with her passion for teaching motivated her to share the tips and tricks she's learned in Hacks for Long-Term Care with anyone looking to experience a more financially-positive aging and/or caring experience. Whiter takes a deep dive into the "why" - unveiling systemic reasons for the high costs of long-term care, which is why she wants to help families with smart hacks for realizing the hard-to-find answers amongst the overwhelm families face today.

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