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The Best Year Yet for Care!

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We're embarking on a new year! Caring for an aging parent is a labor of love, but it can be overwhelming at times. Those care tasks sure do tend to pile up. How can we make this the best year yet for care?

Organize: Make this the year you tackle that stack of papers or messy drawer of documents.

One key aspect of successful caregiving is organization. You need a system to keep track of important documents, accounts, healthcare information, etc. The goal is to have everything in one place so you can easily access it when needed.

We've partnered with My Data Diary+ just for this reason! This is a digital management software designed to store and maintain all of the information and documents you need to manage the business of your life. Our partnership gives you a FREE Introductory Version of the My Data Diary+® software that you can use to manage key personal and health information for yourself and your loved ones. Try it out HERE!

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Build Your Care Team: You are NOT alone!

You were never meant to take this care journey alone. I know. Sometimes it feels like more work to reach out for help than to just do what needs to be done. But what if there are people out there that can do some care tasks BETTER THAN YOU. That's right. I said it.

Care is complex. There are tasks you'll have to do that you have no ideas how to tackle. Sometimes these tasks pop up when you're the most busy or at the bottom of your emotional well. Tap into experts that make those tasks look easy, because it's what they do! This is giving yourself love and compassion.

We're the financial experts for people caring for aging parents. Tap us in!

Need an expert on your local supports for senior citizens? Contact your Areas Agency on Aging! Find yours HERE by entering your zip code.

Need help with moving your loved one from their bed to sitting? Check out this incredible course from an occupational therapist.

Need help with medications? Check out this personalized medication review!

Need help with medical equipment? Check out AskSamie!

Have other needs? Let us know! We'll connect you to the right people.

Take Care of You!!

It's easy to put our own needs on the back burner while taking care of others. However, it's crucial to dedicate time to your our own well-being. What would happen if you burn out? or get sick? or injure yourself? This could be as simple as taking small chunks of time to do small things that bring you joy.

logo for happy healthy caregiver

Our friends at Happy Healthy Caregiver have AMAZING ideas and community around caregiver self-care! Check out the courses, the journal, the podcast, and the newsletter.

Embrace this new year as an opportunity to tackle those caregiving tasks with renewed energy and dedication. By staying organized, practicing self-care, and leaning on our support networks, we can make this the BEST YEAR YET for care!!!

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